Join Bernie or Bust for our Press Conference at Democratic National Convention


Hello Bernie or buster,

First, I want to use this last blast before the DNC to thank you for all you’ve done to make #BernieOrBust a very serious demand the superdelegates cannot ignore. YOU built this movement. Many of you contributed to our PAC to enable us to put on a rally with signs, giant stage logos and a sound system as well as to have a billboard running all week: NOMINATE SANDERS OR LOSE IN NOVEMBER. Thank you. We also had plenty of volunteers to help us get our Bernie or bust letter snail-mailed out to the superdelegates. They’ve been warned; it’s going be President Sanders or President Trump.

Next, if you’re going to be in Philly, I want to invite you to join us for our press conference. It will be held on Monday, July 25th, at 11:30 a.m. EST in front of Philadelphia City Hall facing West Market St. YahNé Ndgo and I will speak, and we’ll provide Bernie or BUST campaign signs for you to hold behind us. We expect it to last 30 minutes maximum.

The next day, we’ll hold our rally across the street at Thomas Paine Plaza, 1401 JFK Blvd. from noon to 3:00 p.m. EST. We’ll provide 1,000 free Bernie or BUST campaign signs for free. If you cannot make it, a livestream of the rally will be available on our community Facebook page: Revolt Against Plutocracy. We’ll have performances by The Ultimate Rage, YahNé and Kor Element. Lee Camp (Redacted Tonight), Tim Black and Green Party candidate for President Jill Stein will be speaking along with RAP’s Niko House and YahNé Ndgo. I will top off the rally off at 2:25 or so. If the livefeed doesn’t come through on our Facebook page, the last hour will be available on Reuters News Facebook page; so I’ve been told. You’re not going to want to miss this in person or online.

A recent poll shows 59% of Bernie’s supporters will not vote for Hillary. That’s millions of voters, but only 125,000+ have taken our Bernie or bust pledge. We’d love to be able to show the DNC and the superdelegates “yuge” momentum going into the Convention. Please help us find those Berners who will not vote for Hillary. Just hightlight with your mouse to copy…

Demand Senator Sanders as the Democratic Party nominee. Take the Bernie or bust pledge today.

…and paste that into social media messages, tweets, Facebook posts and/or emails to friends and listservs. With your help, we could double our size by Monday; but the pledge count is updated manually. You will not see the total until after I get home from Philly on Saturday or Sunday.

After my last email blast to every Bernie or buster, a lot of you expressed anger, disappointment and/or frustration over Sanders’ endorsement of Clinton. Please understand, his campaign is still active. This is not a foot race; it’s a chess game. Bernie sacrificed a knight and a bishop to save his queen. We have a tiger by the tail. We have the power to make or break Clinton’s quest for power; and the superdelegates all know this. We are part of a historically unprecedented campaign strategy; don’t give up when we’re ready to deliver our demand. Will this work? A week from today, we’ll find out.

Thank you again for your support and effots. #PhillyOrBust

In solidarity,

Victor Tiffany,
Co-founder, Revolt Against Plutocracy

PS If you reply to this, I probably won’t get back to you for weeks as I have a lot on my plate to prepare for our rally. Also, please do not unsubscribe; the revolution will go forward with or without Sanders.


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