How to Help Jill Stein Get Into the Nationally Televised Debates

We can get Jill Stein into the debates by promoting her on social media sites because of the computer generated algorithm used to measure online content. These algorithms are used by the private company that runs the debates in the same way that media outlets both traditional and social, governments, businesses etc use the analytics the results to promote certain stories and ideas, its also how government help develop polices and responses to crises. These can used to help promote political ideas and movements as can be seen by the Obama and Sanders campaigns.

The four best social media’s ATM are Twitter, Youtube, Reddit and Facebook and these can be used to help promote Jill and her agenda as well as help get her into the debates, here is how and why. On Twitter you can retweet posts by and about Jill Stein using hashtags to help make search easy. You can also post from other traditional and social media content double and then quadrupling the hit rate in algorithms. The more you post articles about Jill Stein from news sources the more these articles will appear on the front pages of the news websites and the more articles will be written about her. You can post the news article on Reddit then post the post on twitter increasing the algorithm hit-rate and helping promote connections on Reddit at the same time.

Youtube videos are also good a video needs 300 hits before it will get into Youtube autoplay which makes the videos automatically play after watching other videos on Youtube you can help by playing Jill Stein videos via playlists to multiple videos play and setting them playlist to repeat and by creating your own playlists and sharing then playlist on other social media. You can promote the watching of these videos on other social media and load them onto your own blogs written about. As well you can make your own videos endorisng Jill Stein and upload them onto Youtube. The best thing about Youtube is that it is owned by Google so Youtube videos are given extra ratings in Google algorithms.

Reddit is good to post news and social media articles, liking and share Reddit posts on other social media such as Twitter and Facebook helps accelerate algorithm hit-rates, Reddit also has a boost presence in Google algorithms. Facebook is goo as well and allows greater interaction on a more personal basis. So a good example would be to post Youtube video onto Reddit page liken this one and then share that Reddit page on Facebook and help draw more people into the Reddit group as well as accelerating algorithm hit-rates at the same time. So if we can help promote more social media interactions and and promotion of articles, blogs, social media and Youtube video postings about Jill Stein in algorithm analytics which are taken on a daily basis we can help propel Jill into the televised Presidential debates.

For more information on Jill Stein for President 2016 and the Green Party’s grassroots 2016 Presidential campaign see


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