Hillary Clinton Advisor Helps Finance the Islamic State and Neo-Nazi’s in the Ukraine


Evidence has been brought fourth that former Hillary Clinton advisor Daniel Freifeld has been helping fund through a private-public equity fund armed Neo-Nazi’s Battalions in the Ukraine who have been implicated in the torture and death of civilians.

Daniel Freifled who is according to his website, the founder of the Private Equity Fund Callaway Capital Management which specialises in managing public-private equity projects in ‘frontier and emerging markets’.

Freifeld has a long a long detailed history as a leading member of Washington’s beltway’s foreign policy and intelligence community. Included in these previous posts roles as Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s Special Envoy for Eurasian Energy between 2010-2012 as a well as a stint as a foreign policy advisor to Hillary Clinton’s first presidential campaign and spots to the World Bank and at Harvard University. Freifeld also has a key position at the US Government funded policy development think tank the Council on Foreign Relations which helps develop US Foreign Policy for the government.

One hopes that as a investment advisor for public funds, a government adviser, a World Bank employee and a facility member at Harvard University that he would remain hands off when it comes to politcal decisions especailly considering his former role as a personal advisor to Hillary Clinton and as a Special Envoy for the State Department appointed by Hillary Clinton.

Daniel Freifeld

Freifeld Linked In.jpg

Sourced from Callaway Capital Management  and LinkedIn websites

Freifeld associates at Callaway Capital Management include several other insiders from the beltway foreign affairs and intelligence community including Michael Singh as close associate of the Republican Party.

Freifeld2.jpgWhilst the funds operated by Callaway Capital are unknown they are thought to include US Taxpayer funds from the State Department as well as funds from billionaire’s from around the world.

Institutional Investor Magazine gives an example of Freifeld’s influence, when a former intelligence insider set up CargoMetrics a private firm when uses a computer algorithm to monitor all water born traffic using US Defence and private satellites. In the article CargoMetrics Cracks the Code on Shipping Data it is noted that Freifeld introduced the former intelligence operative who was an associhttp://www.infowars.com/uk-us-turn-blind-eye-to-islamic-state-oil-sales/ate of his from the Council on Foreign Relations to a billionaire investor/s that was/were an associate/s of Freifeld, predumebly assocaites through Callaway Capital.

A later article published by the UK based Financial Times Billionaires Back New Shipping Quant Fund  reveales that these investors were fellow CFR members Google’s Eric Schmidt,  Israel Corporation’s Idan Ofer, Applied Predictive Technologies’ Jim Manzi as well as Mehmet Sepil from Turkish based Genel Energy who have been linked by Middle East Eye  to purchasing and transporting crude oil from Islamic State occupied areas of Iraq and Syria.

In the Ukraine Freifeld’s Callaway Capital Management has facilitated from the United States loans from unknown sources to Ukraine Warloard Ihor Kolomoisky’s PrivatBank which facilitates who controlled and facilitated payments to anti-Russian Neo-Nazi Battalion who started a war in the east of the former Soviet Republic of the Ukraine. A large number of these fighters are from foreign origin with some groupings even linked to the Chechen terrorist organisation Imarat Kavkaz who are an associate of the Islamic State.

In August 2015 a Reuters article Ukraine’s PrivatBank Restructuring Gets Investor Nod
revealed that Freifeld’s Callaway Capital controlled at least US$350-500m in PrivatBank debt and effectively exerting a controlling influence over the company. PrivatBank in controlled by Kolomoisky who was appointed as governor and military commander of the Dnipropetrovsk after the armed removal of a popularly elected government in February 2014.

Kolomoisky set about build an armed force after the defection of the majority of the armed forces of the region to the pro-Russian Donetsak and Luhansk People’s Republics based of recruiting members of Far Right and Neo-Nazi organizations from Western Ukraine.These ad hoc military organisations instead of fighting former Ukraine Army officers who had defeated to the Peoples Republics spent much of their looking civilian buildings and attacking local populations.


With the Dnipropetrovsk Governemnt reliant of revenue from the sales of manufactured goods to Russia and the supply lines cut due to the civil war Kolomoisky was forced to dip into the funds of his PrivatBank to pay the wages of his ad hoc army. Callaway Capital was called in to help prop up the financial viability of Ukraine’s largest bank as bank depositors money was used to pay wages and to buy military equipment. Freifeld’s Callaway Capital chipped in with what is been reported to be US$350-500m to help prop up the private owned bank from financial collapse.

Questions should be raised about how Daniel Freifeld came to be an advisor to Hillary Clinton Presidential Campaign in 2008 and then suddenly without seemingly being qualified was appointed Clinton’s sepcial envoy at the State Department for Eurasian Energy. Other questions should be raised about how he has been using his role at the government funded Council on Foreign Relations to pursue his own business interests. Questions should also arise around his links to financing Neo-Nazi militia;s in the Ukraine and the source of the funds that he used to do this. As well questions should be raised over his use of CFR contacts to help a former intelligence operative set up a private operation for global surveillance of ocean traffic using US government assets with billionaires who are foreign nationals linked closely with foreign governments and with one close associated from the CFR and business associate in charge of an energy company that has been named as helping finance the Islamic State in Iraq.




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