Green Party’s Jill Stein Rejects Arming Neo-Nazi’s in the Ukraine

Jill Stein: We should encourage Ukraine to be neutral–we helped foment a coup against a democratically-elected government,  where ultra-nationalists and ex-Nazis came to power. Imagine the inverse: if Russia did that in Canada–installed a government hostile to us–we saw something like that in Cuban Missile Crisis–that would not be acceptable to us. So let’s not be single-issue–instead of fomenting a hostile Ukraine we should be leading the way in establishing a neutral Ukraine that would allow Russia to not feel under attack. We’ve made great strides–Putin is not a hero–but as Noam Chomsky points out, the Doomsday clock has moved closer to midnight than it has been since 1983. The hostile faceoff with Russia causes that and is entirely misplaced–led by war hawks in Obama administration–especially Victoria Nuland, who cheered on an overthrow in Ukraine.

Soured from On The Issues



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