The Donald Trump Lobbyist Raising Funds for the Hillary Clinton Campaign

John Tanner Photo

Meet former D-Rep John Tanner Vice Chairman of Prime Policy Group the lobby firm run by Charles Black former Chief of Staff and Campaign Manager for R-Sen John McCain whose firm recently won a contract to run Donald Trumps Presidential Campaign.

What’s interesting about John Tanner is that he is not only Vice Chairman of a comapny with a multi-million dollar contract to help elect Donald Trump as President but that he is also a former Democrat member of the House of Representatives.

On the Prime Policy Group webiste his Democrat credentials as given as ,

serving in the U.S. House of Representatives for 22 years where he represented Tennessee’s 8th congressional district. While in Congress, John served on the House Foreign Affairs Committee and the Ways and Means Committee, where he chaired both the Social Security Subcommittee and the Trade Subcommittee. John also served on the House Armed Services and House Science Committees and served as Chief Deputy Whip for the Democratic Congress in the 109th, 110th and 111th Congresses.

John Tanner Bio

Also mentioned is his founding of the Blue Dog Coalition which is an association o Southern Democrat Conservatives that is reffered to by more Liberal Democrats as the either ‘the Klan’ or by the term ‘Confedocrats’. What is not mentioned is that in 1998 he helped set up the Blue Dog PAC which still chairs to this day.

The Blue Dog PAC   is PAC which helps fund the campaigns of Democrat’s for Congress who also happen to be Democrat Superdelegates charged with helping choose the Democrat nomnee for President. Without exception all of the recipients of ash from the Blue Dog PAC are confirmed Hillary Clinton supporters.

Blue Dog Recip.jpg

Click here for full listing since 1998

Interesting whilst historically the major donors have been Healthcare and energy mining companies in 2016 the largest donor was the Republican Party linked  Investment Company Institute PAC which is also associated with Prime Policy Group.

Blue Dog Recip

The Investment Company Institute  represent their largest donors who come private investment firms such as Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, Blackrock etc etc

Investment co.jpg

If you look at the recipients you will that the Investment Company PAC has donated twice the amount to House Republican than Democrats and that the democrats they have donated to are exclusively confirmed Hillary Clinton super-delegates.






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