New York Transport Workers Union Endorses Bernie Sanders

New York’s Transport Workers Union is Feeling the Bern and has thrown its support behind the Bernie Sanders for President Campaign.

The Transport Workers Union Local which represents 42,000 workers and their family’s in the New York region has endorsed the radical Vermont senator Wednesday in time for the state’s April 19 Democrat Presidential Primary.

Sanders visited the grand Union Hall in downtown Brooklyn to pick up his latest endorsement taking to the podium to chants of “Bernie.”

Sanders slammed the Wall St corporations and the wealthy who put their money in tax havens and make the working class pay a disproportionate share of the tax burden. He also called for growing trade unions around the country and spending $1 trillion to repair the nations crumbling infrastructure.

“We need the best mass transportation system in the world — it is essential for our economy,” he said. “Millions of people in this city depend on a high quality mass transportation system to get them to work.”

The endorsement vote by the union’s executive board was nearly unanimous, Samuelsen said.

“He speaks our language,” said Louis Marrero, a bus driver and union official from Staten Island. “He speaks for labor.”

“We’re a progressive union,” he added.

Sanders revealed he still thought subway riders used tokens during an April 1 conversation with the Daily News editorial board. But the gaffe was taken in stride by rank-and-file TWU members.

“He was born in Brooklyn,” said station agent Christine Williams, 49. “He’s been out of town for a while. I have no problem with that.

Samuelsen, the union chief, said Sanders’ economic message was more important than “nitpicking” his transit knowledge.

“I think Bernie’s old school,” Samuelsen said when asked about the token comment.

Sanders is taken on the Wall St endorsed candidate Hillary Clinton rival for the Democratic nomination who had a subway snafu of her own while campaigning in the city recently. She had to repeatedly swipe her MetroCard to enter a Bronx train station but failed.


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