Ted Cruz Law Firm Helped Clinton Foundation Set Up Panama Deal

As the Panama Papers scandal reverberates all around the world except for the United states where local media refuse to cover US corporate and politics links to the notorious tax haven it appears that the law firm in which Ted Cruz was a partner between for almost 5 years helped set up a suspicious deal between the Clinton Foundation, the World Bank  and a Mossack Fonseca linked Cayman Islands based InterEnergy.

Cruz law 2.jpg

In an earlier story we revealed the details of one the Clinton Foundation suspicious deals in Panama in which Clinton Foundation Director and Clinton family friend Ronaldo Gonzalez-Bunster established a Panamanian wind farm project through a Cayman Islands based InterEnergy in which he bundled the former state owned assets from Dominican Republic, Panama, Jamaica and Chile. The deal was brokered by Morgan, Lewis & Bockius a Philadelphia based firm whose major client is US gas firm UGI and who list Republican Presidential candidate Ted Cruz as a former partner during the time of the deal.

Cruz law

The deal was brokered by Bill Clinton, Clinton Foundation Director Gonzalez-Bunster  and now disgraced former President of Panama Ricardo Martinelli who is now wanted in Panama on charges on illegal wiretapping and corruption including the privatisation of state owned assets. The is made even more suspicious coming shortly after Hillary Clinton brokered US-Panama Trade Promotion Agreement which contained a provision for the sale of energy assets. The InterEnergy wind farm project is currently being sold globally by the Clinton Foundation as the progressive and green face of globalised capitalism.

The project is largely financed to the tune by a loan $300 million comes from the International Finance Corporation (IFC) a division of the World Bank. The Executive Vice President and CEO of the IFC who approved the deal is Hong Kong based Chinese citizen Jin-Yong Cai who before his current role worked at the CEO of Goldman Sachs China and before that worked at Morgan Stanly where he was a key player in development of China’s first joint venture investment bank the China International Capital Corporation.

Former President Martinelli wasn’t in Penonome for the ribbon cutting ceremony and the job was left Clinton and Gonzalez-Bunster to do. By most accounts other than his own, Martinelli before he left for self imposed exile in Miami ran a grossly corrupt semi-authoritarian government. Martinelli is still wanted by the Supreme Court in Panama and if he is ever made to return he faces charges of illegal wiretapping, misuse of public funds, stealing state assets, taking bribes and giving illegal pardons.


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