Three Polls Shows Bernie Sanders Ahead by 5% points in Wisconsin Primary


Fox Poll.jpg


A Fox Business Network Poll has shown Bernie Sanders support compared to that of Hillary Clinton increasing in the lead up to the April 5th Wisconsin Primary.  The five percentage point lead is similar the last poll conducted by Marquette University Law School Poll conducted recently which showed a 4.3% point lead for Sanders.

Another Poll published by Public Policy Polling organistaion shows an even greater 6% point lead for Bernie Sanders over Hillary Clinton 49% to 43% a 7% point lead.

Projected Outcome of Democrat Wisconsin Primary Based on polling by Public  Policy Polling

Bernie Sanders 53.3%  46 Delegates (+7)

Hillary Clinton 46.7% 38 Delegates

PPP Poll.jpg

Whilst the projected delegate figure stays the same it does show that sanders is inching ahead of Clinton and can now be considered to be the Democrat front runner as further defections from the Clinton camp are expected ahead of the California and New York Democrat Primary’s.

Wisconson Projection

Find the Fox Business Network Poll here

Find the Marquette University Law School Poll here

Find the Public Policy Poll here

feel the bern.png


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