Wyoming Primary All About Cowboy Hats and Escalators

Wyoming Funny Questions.jpg

Presidential politics has often been accused of being poll driven personality based politics so its interesting to see questions about the need for more escalators and on the ownership of cowboys hat appear in a poll about voters intentions for the Wyoming Presidential Primary’s

The poll taken by Public Policy Polling on  July 24 2013 is the last poll taken of Wyoming voters intentions in the lead-up to the 2016 Presidential election. The poll questions were more surprising than the results with Hillary soundly beaten by all the Republican presidential candidates.

It does however appear that with the upcoming Democrat and Republican Primary’s that promising to ban escalators would be a real vote winner in Wyoming ‘The Equality State’, as would the donning of a cowboy hat considering 55% of voters in the state claim to own one. It will be interesting to see if any of the poll driven personality based candidates respond to the polling by promising to stop the building of escalators in Wyoming whilst wearing a cowboy hat.

What we know about the candidates and the opinion to wearing cowboy hats.

Bernie Sanders once met the Pothole Bandit who liked to wear a cowboy hat


Donald Trump wearing this most American piece of headgear on TV

rump cowboy hat

John Kaisch position like most things position unknown



Zodiac Killer Ted Cruz like cowboy hats just not on his head



Hillary Clinton likes to wear cowboy hats on Halloween to scare people



Oh and Hillary Clinton once had an election ad feature a fake country singer in a cowboy hat that was so bad she had the video pulled from Youtube


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